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Accommodation: How to choose cheaper

In this post, I analyze the main tourist accommodation in Australia and what criteria to follow when choosing. One of the most important parts of a trip, which accounts for half its cost, is the choice of accommodation. Good accommodation can make your trip unforgettable while bad accommodation can spoil it.

In Australia, you can find excellent accommodation. Fortunately, the large online booking platforms include many opinions from other travelers that allow you to easily avoid choosing bad accommodation.

In this post I will try to do an analysis of the main types of accommodation in Australia and that I think are the most interesting for sightseeing on your own.

I also try to explain the criteria that I usually follow when choosing and booking accommodation on those trips that I have had to organize for family and friends. The best option to book accommodation is usually the use of an Australian reservation platform similar to Booking.

Finally, I present the results of a small survey that I have carried out among groups of Australian tourists. These are tourists who for one reason or another have contacted me through this website in recent months.

1. Main types of accommodation in Australia

Accommodation: How to choose cheaper - Accommodation

There are different ways of staying in the cities, each with its own characteristics and prices.

Broadly speaking, I would highlight that the three best options according to the budget or preferences of each one are: hotels, tourist apartments, and hostels.

1.1. Hotels

In Australia, you can find both prestigious international hotel chains and quality Australian hotel chains, along with excellent local hotels that do not belong to any chain, although some of them are managed by foreign companies.

In recent years, the hotel establishments of the large international hotel chains from 3 to 5 stars have proliferated, located in the central area.

Along with these large chains, there are a large number of local hotels from 3 to 5 stars, not belonging to any hotel chain or the so-called mini-hotels that would be like a pension in Australia.

1.2. Tourist apartments

As in large Australian cities, tourist apartments have also proliferated in Australia in recent years. It is a good way to travel if you are going with your family or a group of friends or if you are going to stay longer than usual.

Although the interior of the apartments is usually quite nice (some are luxurious), the exteriors of many are very neglected and dilapidated. For this reason, this type of accommodation often does not publish photos of the façade or the interior patios.

1.3. Hostels

Accommodation: How to choose cheaper - Accommodation

For younger people, for students or for people traveling alone there are so-called hostels. These are hostels or lodges that have beds or bunk beds and shared bathrooms.

It is a cheaper form of accommodation and is conceived as a meeting place to meet people from all over the world.

They are usually very well located and some of them are highly valued by their users. The night can be really cheap prices (less than 10 dollars per person per night).

2. Factors when choosing accommodation in Australia

Personally, I basically look at 4 aspects when reserving accommodation: that it is well located and that it has easy access to public transport, the price, that it allows free cancellation until the day before the trip and that it has good opinions from other users.

2.1. Location and easy access to public transport

Accommodation: How to choose cheaper - Accommodation

One area that I particularly like, although it is more expensive, is the heart of which is surrounded by historic buildings and which is in itself another important tourist attraction.

2.2. Price

This aspect depends on the budget of each one. Obviously it will be more expensive when the accommodation is located closer to the center and during the summer season.

An average price in 3- and 4-star hotels would be between 60 and 180 dollars, depending on the location and the services offered.

In any case, it is always good to compare prices on various hotel reservation platforms and on the hotels’ own booking websites because sometimes you can get surprises in terms of price differences between them. 

2.3. FREE Cancelation

I always try to reserve accommodations that allow free cancellation until shortly before arrival. You never know what can happen when you prepare a trip well in advance. Also, if you later find a hotel that you like better or a very good one-off offer, you can always cancel your hotel and book a new one.

You have to bear in mind that although in the visa process you have to indicate in advance the hotels you are going to visit (which are indicated in the visa support) nothing happens if you decide to cancel your hotel and book another. There may be many reasons to do this, you do not have to be tied to a hotel.

On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that reservations with the right to cancel are usually more expensive than firm prepaid reservations.

2.4. Opinions of other users

Almost before looking at the hotel, I always read the opinions of other users. These opinions are the ones that give you clues about whether the customer service is good, if the hotel is clean, if you eat well, if the Wi-Fi reaches the rooms well or if the place is quiet or noisy.

3. Websites where to book accommodation in Australia

There are many websites to book accommodation in Australia, among which I would highlight the following:

  • Classic booking platforms where you can book all types of accommodation: hotels, hostels, tourist apartments, etc.
  • Reservation platforms of international hotel chains: through which you can reserve rooms in hotels of these chains.
  • Local hotel websites 
  • Tourist apartment booking websites 
  • Russian web platforms for hotel reservations. 

It is always good to consult more than one platform and compare prices.