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Bathroom renovation – How much does it cost?

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in 2021? If you are planning a bathroom renovation, be sure to check the prices of individual works. Our guide will allow you to estimate the approximate cost of bathroom renovation, control expenses, and make the right decisions regarding the purchase of materials. Let’s start!

Bathroom renovation cost in 2021 – what does it depend on?

The cost of finishing a bathroom in 2021 depends on:

  • scope of works,
  • surface,
  • experience of the renovation and construction team,
  • material prices,
  • finishing standard,
  • location

This state of affairs is mainly influenced by the economic situation of a given region, the unemployment rate, and the number of jobs. The price of renovation of a bathroom in a block of flats will also be different, compared to a spacious bathroom in a single-family house. This is mainly due to the need for more materials: tiles, pipes, or paint.

Bathroom renovation - How much does it cost? - Bathroom renovation

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in 2021 and what affects the price?

When calculating how much it costs to renovate a bathroom in 2021, the finishing standard is not without significance. The difference between the price of tiles from a DIY store and glaze imported to order from abroad can be counted even in thousands.

Remember that the final cost estimate of the bathroom is always influenced by what materials and equipment you choose. Therefore, the valuation should be divided into two parts: the cost of purchases and the cost of labor for the bathroom. Once you find out how much you need to pay the renovation team, it will be easier to have the remaining budget allocated to the purchase of building materials and equipment.

Below we present the average prices of individual renovation works with a breakdown into the subsequent stages of a bathroom renovation – from removing previous or damaged elements to installing new equipment.

Bathroom renovation price in 2021 – preliminary works

Remember that when it comes to renovating an existing room, the first thing to do is tear off the tiles and remove the sanitary facilities. Therefore, the cost of making a bathroom from scratch consists of:

  • Chipping off wall tiles – the prices of this renovation service in 2021 range from AUD 13.32-19.03 / m².
  • Chipping floor tiles – the price is about AUD 8.61-11.75 / m² with a low degree of complexity of the works.
  • Implementation of a self-leveling screed – a necessary stage of bathroom renovation, especially in apartments with so-called large slabs, where unevenness of the ground is often visible. The average price for a self-leveling screed is AUD 8.44–11.96 / m².
  • Repairing defects and cracks on walls or ceilings – depending on the place of residence, it may amount to AUD 3.59-4.76 / m².
  • Priming the walls – depending on the location, prices for priming the walls before painting range from AUD 0.51 to AUD 2.04 / m².

The cost of bathroom renovation in 2021 – finishing works

Bathroom renovation - How much does it cost? - Bathroom renovation

The next stage is the finishing of walls and floors. In this case, it will be necessary to lay tiles and paint the walls and ceiling.

  • Laying wall tiles – in the case of small tiles (e.g. subway) or complex patterns (e.g. herringbone) the final price may be much higher than what you will pay for basic solutions. However, the average price per square meter of standard wall tiles (with a low degree of complexity) is usually AUD 25.69–33.18.
  • Laying floor tiles – the average laying of standard 30 x 30 cm floor tiles is 28.74–38.73 AUD / m².
  • Painting walls and ceilings – you will have to pay PLN 12.30-16.61 for painting walls and ceilings three times in one color. Prices can vary greatly depending on the painting method – if you choose decorative variants, then the price will be much higher.

The cost of finishing the bathroom in 2021 – white installation

At this stage, you can estimate the cost of renovating your bathroom in 2021. When the work on the walls and floors is finished, it’s time to install sanitary facilities (so-called white assembly) and furniture. The pricing depends mainly on the location of your flat or house and the complexity of the work to be carried out.

The cost estimate of bathroom renovation, also includes minor finishing works, such as the assembly of furniture, doors, or shelves. Installing the door is an average cost of about AUD 69.98, installation and connection of the radiator is estimated at about AUD 20.99-27.99/ item. , and the installation of the lighting fixture – AUD 17.49-24.49 / pc. Even such small works can significantly increase the total cost of labor in the bathroom, so don’t omit them in your calculations.

How much does it cost to renovate a 4-5 m² bathroom?

Bathroom renovation - How much does it cost? - Bathroom renovation

If you want to know how much it costs to renovate a bathroom with an area of, for example, 4 m², just add the above-mentioned estimated amounts for labor per 1 m². Contrary to appearances, the price of renovating a small bathroom in a block of flats will not necessarily be much lower than a larger room. While the work of specialists will be cheaper, the final cost depends on the equipment.

A very approximate cost of finishing a 4-5 m² bathroom (assuming that it involves chipping off old tiles and installing new ones on the walls and floor, as well as installing sanitary equipment and purchasing mid-priced equipment and furniture) depending on the location. range from a dozen to over AUD 6997.87. If you decide on a reputable renovation team, non-standard solutions, and expensive fittings, and at the same time you live in Warsaw, the cost of a bathroom renovation may increase a lot.

How long does a bathroom renovation take? It also depends on its area and the scope of the work carried out. Be prepared, however, that you will have to allocate about 3 weeks for a general renovation of a small bathroom.

You can estimate the cost of the bathroom renovation in 2021 yourself, which will allow you to plan the necessary budget. However, even a small room is expensive when you add up the cost of labor, equipment, and materials. Remember to choose a proven and reliable team that will not only do their job reliably, but also advise and, above all, try to fit into the established cost estimate.

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