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Benefits of Home Automation

The benefits of domotics in the home consist of listening and monitoring everything that happens in the house, being outside of it. Great, don’t you think?

But it is that thanks to technological advances, nowadays we not only have a Smartphone but also our houses can be smart.

Yes, you got it right! We can live in homes that are remotely controlled by a remote system through a cell phone, Tablet or other communication system.

We take a more in-depth look at what smart homes are and what the adoption of home automation brings us.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is one that has been designed or prepared so that they can act on their own, almost without the need for human intervention.

That is why we would have integrated systems and functionalities so that everything works, I point out, intelligently.

An example? The air conditioning system detects the temperature in the house and if it is below what we have programmed, it turns on the heating.

home automation

And how is this accomplished? Thanks to the Internet of things, or if you prefer an Iota; everything is processed in a domotic switchboard in which orders and processes are collected.

This is integrated with the electrical energy network and is coordinated with the rest of the networks with which it can be connected: telephone, television, heating, etc.

So everything is connected through a computer system that allows us to control the facilities of our home.

The possibilities for interaction are limitless, and since today’s smart home systems are interoperable, different devices can communicate with each other, even regardless of manufacturers. Of course, only those devices that have internet access can be integrated.

Many people, however, still have doubts about whether to adopt home automation systems in their own home.

home automation solutions

Although we have already talked about some of the benefits of home automation, we are going to see and analyze here more advantages of a home automation system.

The main benefits that people plan to live in a smart home are the following:

1. Energy saving

Perhaps the most obvious benefit. The smart home works in such a way that each appliance or appliance works when it should so that it consumes only when it is needed.

In addition, measures are used to reduce energy consumption: for example, adopting sensors to turn off the lights when no one is in the room, decreasing the intensity of the light according to the time and the amount of light coming from outside.

2. Comfort

The use of domotics in the home undoubtedly improves the comfort of the people who live in it. Without moving from the sofa, we could control the movement of the curtains, the temperature, the electronic devices (turn the music on or off, for example).

home automation in Australia

The comfort of smart homes is incredible, and it is achieved through the control of the internal environment with the programming of specific schedules for air conditioning equipment, lighting, etc.

In other words, the objective of smart homes is that electrical, gas and water installations can be remotely monitored and controlled from an electronic device.

Who wouldn’t want to press a button to make a coffee while we are lying on the couch?

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3. Quality of life

If for us the advantage of having a home automation system is considered a reason for comfort, for people like our elderly or disabled, it can be a great help to fulfill the many daily tasks.

Remote control applications or installations with the aim of favoring the personal autonomy of individuals with functional limitations or disabilities.

Surely interesting is the study carried out by a team of scientists who used a network of movement sensors to visualize people’s path through the house.

residential home automation services

They analyzed the trajectories carried out habitually, relating in this way the activities and the schedules in which they are usually fulfilled, drawing a pattern of each inhabitant.

One more proof that home automation can help people with physical disabilities to facilitate their daily needs.

4. Security

Both at the level of property protection and for greater personal safety.

That is why we can count on wireless security alarms, capable of controlling access to the home through smartphones.

In addition, these domotic homes allow actions such as cutting a stopcock to stop a water leak, or warn us if there is a fire by simultaneously making a call to the fire brigade.

residential smart home services

5. Communications

We can communicate with our smart home in the way we like best:

Monitor what happens inside or outside with a remote control using the internet, through our Smart devices, such as Tablet or mobile.

6. Investment

Another advantage of a home automation system is, as we had already discussed in detail in our guide on home automation, that in the medium-long term it allows to save and economize, thus amortizing the investment that was made.

7. Peace of mind

Another benefit that home automation brings is the idea of being able to control and have access to our home while we are away or on vacation.

According to a survey – conducted among Twitter users from more than 6 countries about home automation, 60% feel the desire to control their home while they are on the train or by car, for instance.

This percentage reaches half.

But the comparison between countries is quite similar when respondents say they are in a hurry, a situation in which most women believe they can take better advantage of the benefits of a smart home.

smart home solutions

How many times in our rush do we forget to turn off a light or the heater? A home with a home automation system would take care of turning it off for us.

The smart home automatically takes care of some of your everyday tasks.

It allows its control even outside the home and under this aspect, it transmits a reassuring feeling, whether it is to take care of things, to heat or cool the house before returning.

And you, what are you waiting for to take this step? Tell us your questions or call us without obligation so that we can continue explaining all the benefits of adopting a home automation system.

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