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Car Wrapping Business with vinyl film

Car wrapping with Vinyl film on a car is a way to change the appearance of a vehicle, make it different from others, and stand out from the crowd. This coating perfectly protects the body from minor scratches and chips, as well as from burning out in the sun. Therefore, there is a steady demand for this offer. That is, pasting a car is already a business.

This service car wrapping has become popular relatively recently, and the demand for it is constantly growing, especially in large cities, where car owners have an above-average income. If you have long wanted to start your own car wrapping business, then Car Wrapping is a great idea.

Vinyl car wrapping is a promising business

Car Wrapping Business with vinyl film - Car Wrapping

“Car Wrapping” literally translates to car wrapping. During the wrapping procedure, the body or its individual elements are tightly wrapped with vinyl. It looks very impressive due to the texture of the film and the drawings on it, and the cost of the procedure will be cheaper than painting a car. The effect of the car wrapping work done lasts from 5 to 7 years, provided that the film of well-known manufacturers is used. The colors and textures of the films are very diverse, which makes it one of the main types of exterior tuning for a car, displacing classic airbrushing into the background. And one more advantage – vinyl can be easily removed in the workshop without harming the paintwork of the vehicle.

Features of the choice of premises

Car Wrapping Business with vinyl film - Car Wrapping

Finding a suitable box is one of the main conditions for successful work because vinyl pasting requires free space, cleanliness, and a certain temperature regime. It is great if you can immediately buy a business premise inexpensively. Otherwise, you will have to pay a monthly rental fee, which can range from 22 to 35 thousand dollars. It is great if the workshop is located in a place where cars are constantly passing – near the highway, near a car market, or a huge parking lot. Thanks to this location, you can save a significant amount of money by avoiding unnecessary advertising costs.

A room with an area of ​​at least 50-60 square meters can be considered ideal. This space is enough to service two cars at once. The optimum temperature in the box is 20-22 degrees. In winter, it will have to be maintained with heaters. It is worth considering that the walls in the workshop must be painted, and the entrance to it must be equipped with a thermal curtain. Good lighting is another nuance. About forty fluorescent lamps are to be bought for the agreed area of ​​the box. An important factor when choosing a room is the voltage in the 380-volt network. The wiring must be able to withstand a heavy load with the simultaneous operation of heaters in winter and building hair dryers used to heat the film.

Vinyl Tuning – What Tools Do Business Need?

Now you need to include in the list of investments and costs of tools and quality raw materials. In the arsenal of workers involved in applying vinyl film on cars, there are construction hairdryers with a regulator of air heating power, knives, and squeegees. Such a set of tools will cost about 5-7 thousand dollars.

Before applying the film to the car body, the surface is carefully processed and degreased. All kinds of detergents, primers, and degreasers – something you can’t do without. The monthly expenses for these needs will not exceed 3000 dollars.

Vinyl film on a car is not only raw material but also a commodity that will bring about twenty percent of a workshop’s profit. Vinyl prices vary significantly – from 400 to 3000 dollars per square meter of raw materials. By purchasing vinyl in bulk from authorized dealers, you will ensure yourself and your business against low-quality goods and unnecessary expenses.

Workshop workers

Car Wrapping Business with vinyl film - Car Wrapping

Usually two people “wrap” the car with vinyl film. If you have masterfully mastered this type of activity, then at first you can independently take part in customer service by taking an assistant. It is desirable that he has some experience in the workshop.

Two people can easily handle two machines at the same time. Since the client is often the designer himself, it makes no sense to hire him. If the customer wants to see the layout of the updated car, he can turn to a third-party company for help. So, the cost of paying wages to employees will be from 30 to 60 thousand.

Advertising costs

An important component of a successful business is an advertising campaign. Until word of mouth has started working, it is worth investing some funds in it – ordering leaflets, posters, and advertisements in local newspapers. Don’t neglect free classified ads.