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Courier, how does it work?

When the word “courier” is used, most Australians have the following association: a young guy in a green or bright yellow uniform with a box behind his back, riding a bicycle or scooter, or even on foot delivers and delivers ready-made meals.

The period of self-isolation played its role when canteens and cafes were closed. Meanwhile, the delivery service is a long-standing and very versatile phenomenon.

How it was

It all started with postal messages (dispatches were especially important during the wars). In addition to information, of course, they transported goods – the famous trade routes. Then came horse-drawn stagecoaches, the railroad, steamships, and airplanes. 

Well, with the advent of the Internet, ordering food on site has become extremely simple. There would be someone to deliver it. Who is he, a modern courier?

If we talk about deliveries of, say, pizza, sushi, and other popular delicacies, then at first glance everyone can work in this area. 

And yet there are a few more requirements. 

First: a person should be as neat as possible and keep his transport clean (you must admit that a courier in a filthy jacket who brought boxes of pizza to your office for your birthday can ruin your mood). 

Second, he must be polite. 

Third: to navigate the terrain in order to be able to quickly and accurately plot the route and not be late by the appointed time. 

And just being physically prepared does not hurt.

Girls also work in delivery – there are no differences in gender and age. Few people saw “pedestrian” peddlers, but on motor scooters, the fairer sex in helmets deliver boxes of food famously. There are more girls in the delivery of flowers, it is understandable: both easier and more pleasant.

A courier in a particular company and an employee in the same position, but in a service completely specialized in delivery, are not the same thing. In the first case, students or people looking for additional earnings are often hired to the place, because there, as they say, “sometimes empty, sometimes thick”. But the courier service is a completely different, much more serious matter since there are almost always orders in such organizations and you need to work in a full shift.

“The requirements for an employee are changing, one might say, at the request of consumers,” explains, head of the courier company. – An employee must look appropriate, maintain a decent car, be easy to learn, be able to work with equipment – tablets, and so on, with documents. Now the word “resistance to stress” has become unfashionable, but the concept remains: the client is always right, that is, it is necessary to fulfill all his “wishes”, to treat each order individually. And the courier must understand that he will have to work from 9 am to 9 pm, and even seven days a week. Such a service.

The employee of the courier company today is a professional in many areas, from psychological issues to the technical side. Plus, he is hyperresponsible: cash on delivery, checks, stamps … The “kitchen” is special, but, in principle, the essence is the same as that of a food delivery man – he fell off his bicycle, which means that you will bring a compote with borscht in one bottle to a client. Errors are not allowed.

“This is a very difficult job,” and very much in demand. 

Smile, gentlemen!

Let’s summarize some of the results. The courier works directly with clients, that is, with people. Therefore, he needs to look neat and behave positively. A dull boor will not delight anyone, and it is unlikely that a client will want to contact the same company again, if necessary, choose another, since the market is full in this respect. But if the customer is smiled at the meeting and at parting, the subcortex will be printed: “See you again!”

Psychologists note: if the food delivery courier behaves too modestly, shyly, then the customer may have doubts: did they really bring him a good and tasty lunch, and not yesterday’s? Therefore, live communication with the client is important. Confidence is not the last thing here. The man ordered food, he is looking forward to a pleasant meal, and it is simply unprofessional to spoil his mood at least in part. It is the correct behavior of the courier, normal, informal communication that will always help improve the atmosphere.