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Disability Services: Features of caring in different groups

Disability is difficult not only for a sick person but also for his family members, who bear great responsibility for organizing decent living conditions for a relative with disabilities. In Disability Services, Caring for a disabled person is a rather difficult process that requires special skills, and most importantly, patience.

  • I group. The most difficult by the standards of the physical condition of the body. It includes patients with significant disabilities, unable to take care of themselves on their own. The guardian must carry out the necessary sanitary and hygienic procedures for the ward, provide assistance in feeding and the administration of natural needs.
  • Group II. They are given to people who have minor (compared to group I) functional disorders of the body. They can serve themselves and do not need constant supervision.
  • III GROUP. People with permanent functional impairments such as deafness or lack of a hand. They do not need constant outside care, but only protection and assistance in social terms.

What problems does patronage help with?

Disability Services: Features of caring in different groups - Disability Services

Physical disabilities are traumatic, but not hopeless. A person with a disability retains civil rights, a clear mind, and consciousness. Therefore, the nurse or guardian must first of all establish psychological contact with the patient, set him up for positive cooperation, and find a common language.

If a person does not get up, he may experience the following complications:

  • intestinal dysfunction;
  • respiratory tract diseases;
  • bedsores;
  • thrombosis;
  • suppuration of the wound;
  • inflammation of the parotid gland;
  • amyotrophy;
  • joint pain.

Prevention of possible problems should be systemic in nature and carried out according to medical indications.

The source of the problem and Preventive measures

Leather – Prevention of friction and crushing. Thorough hygiene of the bed, body, clothes. Daily inspection. Clothes without belts and elastic bands.

Heart and blood vessels -Use of compression garments and bandages. Placement under the feet of a pillow or roller.

Breath – Regular airing of the room. Air humidification. Loose, non-crushing clothing.

Gastrointestinal tract – Proper nutrition, according to the recommendations of the attending physician, easily digestible food, enemas as needed

Muscle – Complexes of physiotherapy exercises

How to improve psychological microclimate?

With ill-health, anyone can be depressed and capricious. Especially if he suffers from serious illnesses that have led to disability and need disability services. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the ward to experience negative feelings and express them to the guardian. The latter requires great restraint and understanding so as not to provoke a conflict that can lead to difficult experiences for both parties.

A few simple tips for disability services that will help to establish friendly relations with the person you are guarding:

Disability Services: Features of caring in different groups - Disability Services
  • Be kind and sincere. Disability services must remember that fate has sent the person you care about a difficult test and he needs a lot of strength to endure it with dignity.
  • Expand your social circle. Disability services will diversify the social life of the ward to the extent possible and strong.
  • Take an interest in the dreams and wishes of the ward. So you can diversify his leisure time and distract him from heavy thoughts.
  • Don’t give in to pity. Disability services will try to ensure that the ward is able to participate in the daily activities and responsibilities of the house.
  • Take care of beauty. Disability services must remember the famous statement that beauty will save the world. In the most serious condition, a person wants to look neat and attractive. Light makeup and a bright scarf – for a woman, a neat haircut, and regular shaving – for a man will be a significant help in the fight for health and improving the quality of life.
  • Positive attitude. Disability services always place in life for a kind word and a kind joke. A good mood is a miracle cure that sometimes works wonders.


Disability Services: Features of caring in different groups - Disability Services

What? and How?

Room – Interior in light pastel colors. It is better to place the bed next to the window. A bed with a back is preferred to provide support for the feet of the bedridden patient.

Furniture – Furniture items should be placed in such a way as to provide free access to the bed from all sides. This requirement is important for the competent and comfortable performance of hygiene procedures. If there is no separate room for the patient, it is recommended to purchase a screen.

Purity – Daily wet cleaning is recommended. An adequate supply of bedding and underwear.

Available and necessary – The ward should always have water, a cell phone, and napkins at hand.

It is advisable to buy – Bedside table for maximum comfort of the patient during breakfast, lunch, dinner. Washing basin. Favorite products.

The Disability services, which employs qualified nurses who are fluent in the intricacies of caring for chronic patients, will help to organize the care of the disabled competently and efficiently. We guarantee a quick selection of a nurse, careful observance of the terms of the contract, the conscientiousness of the staff, and prompt resolution of current issues.