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Guide to find your perfect accommodation

When organizing a trip, there are three key factors that take most of our budget: transportation, food and accommodation. In this article I want to talk to you about the best way to find accommodation in a fast and suitable way for your trip.

There are many platforms where you can find accommodation, but some of them are the best for a specific type of traveler. We have to know how to differentiate if we are looking for a family accommodation, a cheap accommodation or a luxury whim. In addition to using different platforms to find accommodation, we have to take other values into account and let’s see what they are.

Analyze your needs

Although it seems obvious, many times we get carried away and end up paying more than we need. When looking for accommodation, we have to take into account where we are traveling and what we are going to do on our trip.

It does not make sense that we are looking for an accommodation with a pool if our trip is for three days to a cultural destination where we will be visiting tourist places all day. In the same way, you have to think about the amenities that are essential for you, such as having a private bathroom, shared room, air conditioning …


Best of all, you know yourself and you know what you need and what you don’t need. These needs will change depending on our trip and therefore there are some questions that we must ask ourselves:

  • With who I travel? Children, family, couple, alone.
  • What time of year do I travel?
  • What am I going to do at the destination? Beach, cultural, relax …
  • Your special needs (elevator, parking, free WiFi …)
  • Do I need to be close to everything or can I manage with public transport?

Calculate your budget

Before looking for the best hotel deals and knowing where to sleep we have to define our budget. This part of the organization of our trip is key to finding the perfect place. We must find the balance between accommodation and the other factors to take into account in our trip such as transportation and food.

If what you do is give your partner a romantic getaway, the budget for accommodation is surely higher than maybe if you travel a bridge to visit Sydney. On the other hand, to visit Sydney you can surely “manage” with a more basic accommodation or with a tighter budget since you will be visiting the city and not enjoying all the comforts of your hotel.

Filter your searches

Once you know what you are looking for and what budget you have for your accommodation, we will see how to refine our search. To do this we have the filters. These search filters are found on all accommodation search websites, whether to search for hotels, search for apartments or search on platforms where you can sleep for free.

With the filters we will be able to eliminate all the results that we do not need.  These can range from hotel services, if it includes meals or allows pets. Refining our search using the filters will help us save time in finding the best option.

accommodation double bay

Some of the filters that we usually mark is:

  • A rating greater than 7
  • Private bathroom
  • Free internet connection

Depending on our destination and our budget, we also set a maximum price per night. With this we already know that almost all the accommodations that appear will fit us and it will be much faster to find where to sleep.

Take the ratings into account

Something very important today with the digital age where everything is shared is the valuations. When you’ve found some accommodations that suit your trip, spend a little time taking a good look at user ratings.

All platforms have a different rating system. Some work with stars from one to five, others with an average numerical rating over 10 and others simply have the comments of previous guests.

I advise you to look at the average rating of the accommodations. Still I do not recommend that you waste a lot of time reading customer reviews. Why? Because if you have had a bad experience in a hotel, you will surely leave your opinion with your anger, but if you have had a good experience you will not remember to write it. So mostly the written ratings are negative.

What we usually do is, after selecting a hotel that we like on Booking, is to see the photos uploaded on TripAdvisor. On TripAdvisor there is usually an album of photos taken by travelers, not those taken by a professional photographer for the hotel. In this way we know how we can really find the rooms.

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