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Garage Door, Sectional Design

Australian Garage Door Sectional Design is a large, heavy, and often complex thing. With all the various parts that make up this structure, it’s no wonder people are unsure about how to go about finding one for their home or business.

There can be many factors involved in selecting just the right door model including the size of your building its distance from other buildings etcetera so doing some research into what will work best with regards to these variables may help you find an efficient solution quickly without having to spend too much time on shopping around – not everyone has limitless funds!

Garage Door, Sectional Design - Garage Door

In a private house or enterprise, automatic gates are an integral part of protection and an important element of the overall exterior design. Agree, when choosing them, the first thing we take into account is the functional indicators, on which the well-coordinated operation of the garage door system depends throughout the entire period of use. The design must be safe, durable, and easy to use. But it is also important for us that they are beautiful and do not get out of the general perception of the entire site.

So how to choose a functional gate not only for fencing but also to make it an individual dignity of the whole house, garage door, which have a variety of door leaf designs, with which, with various combinations of elements, you can bring the most interesting ideas to life.

Step # 1: perfection in every detail

Garage Door, Sectional Design - Garage Door

The simplicity of the lines and shapes of the garage door gives a feeling of comfort and high quality. And thanks to the variety of options for facing the canvas and a wide range of colors, you can work with us to develop an individual model or order a ready-made solution that you saw from someone earlier.

The assortment of garage door includes five types of patterns for facing panels:

  • microwave;
  • standard narrow profile – S-ribbed;
  • medium-width profile – M-corrugation;
  • wide type – L-corrugation;
  • cassette option – panel.

Based on the wishes of clients who want a special external decor of the door structure, we offer a whole range of colors, from which the client can choose exactly the one that will fit into the overall design. In addition, we provide services for painting the gate in colors from the RAL palette. In the photo below, you can clearly see the color combinations for each type of sandwich panel pattern.

As you can see, for each type of design, you can choose a color with a smooth surface or embossing “woodgrain”. If everything is clear with a smooth texture, then from “woodgrain” questions arise. This embossing is made in the form of a cut of wood, thanks to which small scratches and dents become completely invisible.

Step number 2: in one stylistic line

For the comfortable operation of the garage door system, today it is possible to install a wicket door in the door leaf of the structure. This makes it convenient not only to enter the room but also saves the resource of the spring mechanism.

The wicket door is made in the same style as the garage door system. In the standard set, the color of its frame is made in one of two basic options – brown or silver metallic, but at the request of the client, it is possible to paint in any color from the RAL catalog.

Step # 3: accessories for extra comfort

Garage Door, Sectional Design - Garage Door

Need additional lighting? Decorative glazing is a great option for the design of classic doors and the natural lighting of the garage door.

With the help of transparent inserts in the canvas, the garage will acquire additional lighting and become more comfortable for use. Our assortment includes:

  • square windows 32.2 × 32.2 cm (for this view, Cross decorative elements are available in the form of a cross and Sunrise with imitation of a sunrise);
  • round windows with a diameter of 32.2 cm;
  • rectangular windows 52.2 × 32.2 cm.

Step 4: panoramic gates

If you need to provide maximum access to natural light, panoramic doors are the best option.

The execution of panoramic gates can be different, depending on individual preferences and goals:

  • continuous glazing with panoramic panels;
  • panoramic structure with a sandwich panel at the bottom;
  • a canvas made of sandwich panels in combination with one / several panoramic inserts.

Together with the garage door group team, create your own design solution for the garage door system, which will not be copied from existing ones, but the result of a creative search for a balance between functionality, reliability, and a beautiful appearance.