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5 tips to keep your wooden garage door in good shape

Without a doubt, wood is an excellent material to live in and also to highlight the most beautiful details that we have in our homes. So it’s worth investing in proper care and maintenance.

In this sense, highlighting the utility and aesthetics of any garage door in homes is essential, so it is important to bear in mind all the potential damages and care that it requires, especially if you want this structure to last in the weather.

The truth is that you should not skimp on the care and cleaning that this door deserves, especially if you live in places where the weather can be a real problem. So pay attention to these tips that will help you preserve one of the most important elements of your home.

5 tips so you can keep your garage door in good condition:

Before getting down to work, an important step you must take is to proceed to inspect in detail the condition of your garage door. That way, you can detect if there are serious problems that you must take on immediately.

The in-depth review will allow you to know two important things: if the door has any type of crack and / or if it has some type of fungus or mold that may be affecting its operation.

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In any case, and if you have doubts in this regard, it is always advisable to consult a specialist so that you have information from an expert.

1. Keep the door clean regularly:

Cleaning this important part of your garage will prevent dust from accumulating on the door, so that it will no longer look dull or lifeless. Therefore, a good way to do it is with a damp cloth with hot water and a little soap. Make sure you take the time to do this both on the front and inside of the frame. However, we want to add a few recommendations on this point:

  • The proportion of soap and hot water, in case you use a container for this purpose, should be 1/5. In this way, you will have less concentration of chemicals than the product has and thus avoid potential damage to the surface.
  • A first step to shake off dust and other dirt is to pass a soft sponge through the door.
  • After doing the first part of the cleaning with soap and water, proceed to rinse the door with clean water. Lastly, let it dry slowly.

2. Lubrication plays a very important role in the same way:

Well, you will do this step on a monthly basis and it will be divided into two different processes:

  • Lubricate or oil the mechanisms that make up the garage door operating system. At this point, you can remove the rust or any damage or element that the door has, to avoid later problems.
  • Lubrication also includes the door, especially since, not doing it, will only cause the structure to become rigid and begin to make noises when using it. Of course, you also have to be especially careful because applying too much lubricant could also affect the mechanisms in question.

3. Don’t forget to sand:

Wood is an organic material that can have a long life if we pay attention to the care that is needed. That is why we cannot forget another essential step for the maintenance of our garage door: re-sanding.

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This process should be done every three to five years, so you will have enough time to efficiently plan this step.

What do you get when you flirt again? As an impressive end result is achieved, the door will look as good as the first day it was installed and will enhance the beauty of the design with which it is integrated.

It should be noted that sanding is recommended for all homeowners as constant sun or heavy snow can affect the performance and appearance of this structure.

4. Staining so that the garage door also takes on new life:

If sanding is important, so is re-staining or varnishing our garage door. However, it should be noted that, if it is cleaned frequently, this task may only be carried out sporadically.

garage door maintenance

Now, when starting work on this, it is suggested to follow a series of steps so that the final result is the best possible:

  • Make sure to clean and remove traces of dirt and peeling paint.
  • If there are cracks on the surface, then it is convenient to fill them with special material. In doing so, let it dry enough. To speed up the process, opening the garage door slightly to allow air flow may work.
  • Place adhesive tape on the handles and walls that are in contact with the garage door. This will protect the areas that may be exposed to the varnish or stain to be applied.
  • Later, apply the stain or varnish. You need to take the time to do this, especially if you want a smooth surface and a professional result. What must be borne in mind is that, depending on the quality of the product, the color and the dimensions of the garage door, one must consider the possibility that more than one layer will be required.

5. That maintenance is regular:

It is possible to restrict – up to a point – larger tasks, as long as you are aware of paying attention to the condition of the garage door. For example, if mold is present, it can be sprayed and cleaned to prevent it from spreading; or if there is persistent dirt on the operating mechanisms, do not hesitate to clean and grease them properly.

Checking the condition of our garage door can make a huge difference in terms of the time and money we need to maintain it. Contact a professional at Doors 4U Garage Doors to assist in maintaining your garage doors.