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Locksmith: the price of a repair

The different locksmith problems

In our daily life, locks are omnipresent. They are of course found on the doors of houses, but their presence is much more important. Carlocklock casefurniture locklock window … difficult to identify all types of lock that we use. And it’s often when we have a locksmith problem that we pay attention to it.

This problem is often the same: the lock no longer opens. The reasons can be many: key loss, the key broke in the locklocked door, the door slammed shut with the key in the lock … You already have met with a misfortune of these problems.

If so (see if a similar situation has just happened to you and you are reading this article), we will explain how to best handle these situations and what to know before contacting a locksmith to repair them.

Door slammed not locked

Locksmith: the price of a repair - Locksmith

You went out to pick up the newspaper and the door slammed shut behind you. It happens to everyone. The most common method of opening a slammed door is called the bypass method. This method consists of opening a slammed door without hooking the security system, by directly unlocking the locking system.

Usually, a radio (x-ray) is inserted into the slot of the lock to exert pressure on the locking system to unlock the door. But opening a door with a radio takes a bit of technique. You can do this on your own in some cases, but in others, especially when the doors are thick and the system a little rusty, only a seasoned locksmith can use a radio to open a door.

If the door is simply slammed, opening the radio will be the best solution. Note that 95% of doors, even armored doors do not require the destruction of the lock. If you use a locksmith for this situation and they advocate some kind of destruction of the lock, beware of the locksmith in question. Rare are the cases of an unlocked slammed door that require direct intervention on the lock.

If, however, the bypass method and the opening of a door with a radio is not applicable, the locksmith can offer you an alternative method to intervene on the lock. This consists of making a small hole less than a centimeter in diameter on the door and then opening this door by operating the handle or the pull tab with an iron wire. Then just fill the hole with mastic or other plaster.

Door slammed not locked with key on it

If your door is slammed and the key is left on it, the radio method of the opening may also work. For certain types of locks, the key inserted can block the locking system. However, it is still possible to push the key outwards using a wire or special tools.

If you contact a locksmith, in this case, do not accept a quote that prompts you to perform a destruction action on the lock. In most cases, alternatives to destruction exist.

Door slammed and locked

If a slammed door is locked or you have lost the keys to your locked door without a duplicate at your disposal, things get complicated. The intervention of a professional locksmith is inevitable and the bypass technique with the radio will not suffice.

If the key is not on the lock and depending on the type of lock, the locksmith can open the door with a master key. If the lock cannot be forced, the locksmith will then have to drill the lock cylinders or disassemble the lock and then force the door to open.

Depending on your lock type, it may not be possible to reuse the forced lock. You will therefore need to install a new lock on your door. The intervention will then be more expensive since behind it, it will also be necessary to change the lock.

The key broke in the lock

Locksmith: the price of a repair - Locksmith

If your key is broken, several tips exist. You can use a magnet strong enough to pop out the broken end. The method isn’t foolproof, but it’s worth a try before calling in a locksmith.

If you’re lucky, the broken key sticks out a few millimeters from the lock. It is then possible to handle it with flat pliers or even tweezers to remove it.

If the key is more difficult to access, you can also use a key extractor. Available in DIY stores and on the net, the key extractor can be a lifesaver if you run into this problem. Moreover, if you call a locksmith he will surely use his to get you out of trouble.

You can, if your lock allows it and if you feel able to do it, disassemble the cylinder to then insert special lock oil (use a special lock oil and not any oil, because you risk damaging your lock). ).

Another method that is added to the previous one, if you have a duplicate, you can disassemble the cylinder and push the key with another key. Your type of lock must be able to allow it, which is not always the case.

Finally, if none of these methods is suitable, all you have to do is contact a professional locksmith.

What is the price of a locksmith?

There are two types of tariffs for a professional locksmith. The normal rate (day and week) and the locksmith repair rate (applied at night, on weekends, and on public holidays).


For the intervention of a locksmith during the day, it will take between 80 and 150 dollars depending on the type of intervention.

Approximately 80 dollars for a slammed the door with a simple opening and up to 150 Dollars for closed armored doors with the most complex locks. The price may increase if your lock has specific features (electronic system for example) or if several locks are present on the door.

To this amount, it will also be necessary to add the price of the trip which can vary greatly depending on the company you contact.

Finally, if you have to replace your lock, the locksmith can also offer you the installation of a new lock. The price of the intervention will then be much more expensive and it is often on this type of intervention that we must be very vigilant. Indeed, some locksmiths can be unscrupulous and take advantage of the distress of their customers to inflate the bill.

Lock installation price

Locksmith: the price of a repair - Locksmith

Before talking about the price of installing a lock, know that if you are a bit of a handyman, you can do this work yourself. You will then only have to buy your lock at a DIY store and ask a salesperson for advice on installing your lock yourself.

If you prefer to hire a locksmith for the lock installation, you are guaranteed a professional job, executed properly. But beware the price can vary significantly between different professional locksmiths and we arrive at work costs ranging from 100 dollars to 700 dollars.

Using a locksmith guarantees professional installation of your lock

If you need to change your lock, arrange to contact a locksmith on weekdays. The price should not exceed 100 to 150 dollars of labor (exception for the most high-tech or the most advanced locks). It will also be necessary to add the price of the new lock.

What is the price of a locksmith repair?

As you will have understood, if you call on a locksmith at night, on weekends, or on public holidays, your bill will be much higher than the prices previously presented.

The rates locksmiths applied to vary from one society to another. It is therefore important to inquire before entering into any agreement.

The most important thing when a lock problem occurs at the wrong time is not to panic. In the urgency or the anguish, you risk subscribing to any offer. Unfortunately, some locksmiths take advantage of your panic to inflate your bill. Sometimes it is cheaper to stay overnight in a hotel and wait for the day to rise than to have a locksmith come in the middle of the night.

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