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Moving: How to organize an apartment?

Moving: How to organize an apartment?

Moving to a new apartment, even within the same city, is a troublesome and exhausting activity that can “unsettle” the most organized person. With the help of our checklist, you will be able to organize moving correctly, you will not forget or miss anything.

You can move either independently or with the help of the moving company employees. Let’s make a reservation right away, if you order a moving service, professionals will take care of some of the checklist items. 

So, for convenience, we have divided all the items of the checklist into stages – so it will be more convenient for you to mark what was done in the printed to-do list.

Things to do in advance before moving

Moving: How to organize an apartment? - Moving
  • Decide how the move will take place – whether you are going to involve a moving company in organizing the work, limit yourself to hired cars and loaders, or plan to cope on your own.
  • If you plan to cope on your own, enlist the support of friends and acquaintances who will help in packing things, and – most importantly – in loading and unloading operations.
  • Select a date and time for the move. Match your move plans to your family’s work and school schedules. Consider the traffic situation. Traditionally, the most popular time to move to a new apartment is weekends, especially Saturday. If possible, try to avoid peak hours, it is optimal to schedule a move at the beginning of the working week. Also, do not neglect the weather forecast – snowfall or rain will complicate the already troublesome transportation.
  • Make a detailed action plan with deadlines for each item: buy packing materials, sort things, disassemble furniture and pack property, decide on a contractor (car and movers).
  • Conduct an audit of things and furniture. Do not take unnecessary things with you – “unnecessary” things should be given away, sold, or simply thrown away. If there are things that you are not ready to part with, and there is no place for them in a new apartment, they can be assigned for storage in a warehouse.
  • Consider the labeling of the boxes. For example, by rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen) or by types of things (dishes, clothes, documents). And it is better to additionally sort things in advance and indicate the frequency of use on the boxes (daily, regularly, or rarely). This will greatly facilitate the search for the necessary items in the first days in a new place.
Moving: How to organize an apartment? - Moving
  • Take care of the packing materials. Professionals know how many boxes, film, or duct tape you need, but you can determine the number yourself. After self-counting, feel free to double the number (our experience shows that it is quite difficult to objectively estimate the volume of things). Or just use the convenient online calculator to find out the exact numbers.
  • Separately collect boxes with essentials, first aid kit, chargers for all gadgets. Afraid to miss something? There is a handy list in this article.
  • Walk along the corridors and stairwells in the entrances of the new and old houses – make sure that all things and furniture “fit” into the openings and fit into the turns. Pay attention to door blocks, corners, walls in narrow spaces – they need to be additionally protected or remembered about the finish so as not to damage it.
  • Disassemble furniture that will definitely not fit through the doors and openings of the apartment.

How to act on the eve of the move?

  • On the day before you move, prepare meals and snacks for the whole family, including breakfast at your old residence and dinner at your new home.
  • Do you have small children or pets in your family? It is advisable to protect them from the stress of transportation. If at least for a day they find themselves “in the neutral territory” (with grandmothers, other relatives, friends), worries and troubles will be much less.
  • Prepare a “moving” set of clothing for all family members (non-brand, comfortable, does not interfere with free movement).
  • Set aside a utility knife or other cutting tool to open the boxes.
  • Make sure that both the old and the new address have a parking space for a truck, and that the elevators are working.
  • Think over the route of the car so as not to get stuck in traffic jams. Please be aware that the entry of trucks into the city center may be restricted.
  • Prepare several sets of “cheat sheets” – you will probably need a complete list of property, a plan for arranging furniture in a new apartment, as well as a separate sheet with contacts of all involved workers and services.
  • Be sure to get some sleep. You will need strength tomorrow, so don’t put off packing until the last night.

What is important on the day of moving?

Moving: How to organize an apartment? - Moving
  • Start the morning of your move with a good mood and breakfast.
  • Important: the essentials should be loaded into the vehicle last. So after transportation, they will be unloaded first, and they will immediately be at your fingertips.
  • After all the furniture is loaded into the car, check if it is well fixed (moving companies should use cars with fasteners in vans).
  • Inspect the premises – carefully check if you have taken everything. If you leave furniture, open drawers, doors, look behind cabinets and cabinets.
  • Protect walls and doorways in your new apartment. Often, when furniture or large household appliances are brought in, there is a risk of damage to the finish. This is especially true when entering a room with a fresh renovation.
  • Observe the marking principle when moving objects into place. Farther away, but the rarely used, closer – those things that may soon be required. Bring furniture and boxes straight into the labeled rooms or make sure the movers follow your plan.
  • To make it convenient for your assistants to navigate the room, place a plan indicating the rooms in a conspicuous place near the entrance to the apartment. On the door of each room, also leave a mark – this is a bedroom, a nursery or an office. Of course, this advice is especially relevant for multi-room apartments, private houses, and cottages.
  • Make sure furniture and other items have been moved safely. A detailed numbered list of all the properties is very useful for this.
  • If you use the services of movers, do not rush to sign the documents without looking after the move. It is important to competently accept work in the presence of company employees, to make sure of the quality of the services provided. We have put together a simple 10-step checklist – follow it to avoid misunderstandings and controversies.

We hope our article will be useful to you and will help you move without any problems. However, no matter how well you prepare for transportation, it is impossible to foresee everything. Professional support will simplify the moving process as much as possible. With “Best Removalists Newcastle and RBR Moving” it will pass quickly, without unnecessary hassle, and in the evening you will be able to relax in your new, cozy home.