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Home Renovations: Remove Kitchen Tiles to Renew its Appearance

Removing the kitchen tiles is a very common reform. The tiles wear out over time, the joints get dirty or simply go out of style, a reform of this type makes the kitchen change its image completely, in addition, if the reform is carried out by a professional company, the results are excellent and can be done in a few days.

If you are thinking of reforming the kitchen of your house and you want to change its appearance completely, removing the kitchen tiles is a good solution.

The change of kitchen tiles is an increasingly widespread task thanks to the benefits, at different levels, that can be achieved by carrying out this process.

It is essential to use the professional kitchen tiling services to carry out this work, so that it is executed in the stipulated time and that guarantees the expected results.

Reasons to remove kitchen tiles

The tiles are the basis of the image of a kitchen, simply by varying the covering of the walls we get a totally new kitchen.

It is very common for those interested to go to a company specialized in this work because many years have passed with the same design.

Residents of a home who spend many years in it, over time, get tired and bored of always seeing the same environments, the same designs and the same decoration, so they choose to make modifications that guarantee a renewed air to the rooms they go through day after day.

kitchen tile

It is not only a question that the design you chose in your day is no longer to your liking, but it may be that the decoration that the kitchen had before entering the home is the one that was most worn in other times and now there is been somewhat out of date.

For this reason, it is very common that measures are adopted for the renovation of the design of such a busy room and that requires that those who reside in this house establish the best measures aimed at meeting this objective.

Also, sometimes, the reason is not only aesthetic, sometimes there are damages on the walls, or dirt accumulates, especially on the tiles closest to the area where we usually cook, in these cases it is also advisable to change the tiles.

In short, the reasons why kitchen tiles can be removed are not only aesthetic, but can also be due to functional reasons.

How to change the tiles in a kitchen?

replacing kitchen tile

The process is very complex if we do not have the necessary tools or previous experience. It is important that all the tiles are correctly installed at the same height, if one of the pieces is installed at a different height the result may not be what we expect.

  • The first thing we do is remove the grout from the joints, this allows the tiles to be removed more easily. Remove all grout, especially the one closest to the floor and ceilings. It is advisable to heat the grout to facilitate extraction, then the joint of the joints is removed with a suitable tool.
  • Once we have softened and removed the grout, we proceed to remove the tiles. Normally a chisel is enough to pry, if any of the tiles is difficult to remove it can be broken to facilitate the work.
  • Once we have removed the tiles, it is time to clean the wall. Using a normal spatula, we remove any remaining silicone or grout. It is not necessary for the wall to be completely clean, but it must be regular, to facilitate the following steps.
  • Once we have cleaned the wall, it is time to lay the tiles. This work is usually very complex, since a lot of precision is needed. Use spacers to define the distance between tiles.
  • Finally, the grout is applied to cover the joints and whiten them.

These are just some of the most common measures to fix certain defects that may appear in the tiles or, simply, to give a facelift to this environment, so important in the day-to-day life of the people in their homes.

If you need a budget for a kitchen renovation to change the tiles, or to carry out a comprehensive renovation, contact Newcastle Tiling to get the best quote.

In our service, you can get quotes from different construction companies so that you can hire the service that best suits your needs and preferences.

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Can I change the tiles in my kitchen myself?

It is not recommended. Removing the tiles from a kitchen is already a complex task, since they are directly installed in the structure, and therefore it is recommended that a specialized person be commissioned, but the greater the complication in the installation of new tiles, the tiles of kitchen cabinets are very delicate and must be perfectly installed to avoid eyebrows and other problems arising from poor installation.

How do I choose the new tiles for my kitchen?

Keep in mind that new kitchen tiles will completely change the image of this room, therefore, choose tiles that combine with the rest of the decoration. In addition, the size of the tile is very important, currently you have small formats, and also large format tiles, to facilitate their installation.

In any case, the important thing is that you find a type of kitchen tile with a design that perfectly suits what you are looking for.

Is the kitchen tile installation complex?

Yes, the installation of kitchen tiles is very complicated, which is why it is essential to have the experience of a company specialized in this type of masonry work.

kitchen tiling contractors in Newcastle

The difficulty in this type of installation is given because each piece must be located individually, and therefore, each of the tiles that we are going to install must be perfectly located in relation to the tiles that are next. If the installation of these tiles is poor, the result will be far from what was expected.

It is important to contact a renovation company specialized in this type of masonry work. We have construction companies dedicated to different highly recognized specialties, since we apply the strictest criteria so that only the best groups in the sector join our service.

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