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Roof Restoration

The Best Roof Restoration Of A Castle : The Stages

Bad weather, storms, falling trees, wear of time, the reasons for Roof Restoration of a castle are numerous and often unpredictable. Sometimes a simple repair will be enough to restore the waterproofing of the roof of your castle. However, in the event of significant damage, you will need to call in a professional to renovate it more thoroughly. Thus, it is recommended to check your roof restoration at least once a year, and after each major bad weather episode. A roofer can help you with this process.

Identify The Origin Of The Problem In The Roof Restoration Of The Castle :

Two main reasons push owners to undertake renovation work on the roof restoration of their castle:

  • Sealing problems manifested by water leaks, mold and the appearance of moss and lichen. If these problems are not resolved quickly, they can promote the appearance of dry rot, a fungus that is particularly harmful to real estate.
  • The wish to improve the quality of life and habitat within the castle, by replacing old materials with new ones, more respectful of the environment and allowing better thermal insulation.

In either case, it is important to carefully study the castle Roof Restoration project . If sealing problems arise, it is important to identify the origin of the problem. Locating leaks gives you a first indication. It is then necessary to carry out or have carried out visual checks on the roof: torn tiles, hole in the frame, infiltration due to joint problem, etc.Depending on the damage and the type of roof, several types of repairs can be considered.

The Different Types Of Roof :

If the roof restoration frame is in good condition, all you need to do in your renovations is to simply change the cover. Coverage can be of different types:

  • Tile roofs

The tiles can be of different shapes like flat, Roman or canal tiles. A professional will determine the number of tiles to replace. The challenge here is to find the same tiles to avoid having to redo the entire roof.

  • Slate roofs

Most of the Roof Painting of castles are made of slate. It is a fragile, delicate and quite expensive material. The advantage is that slates can be cut and shaped according to the needs and specifics of your roof.

  • Thatched roofs

Thatched roofs are a very special skill. It is necessary to call in a professional specializing in this type of material.

  • Other types of roof

Roofs made from steel, shingle or fiber cement are relatively easy to maintain and repair. If part of the roof is damaged, it is not necessary to carry out a full restoration.

Who To Contact For The Roof Restoration Of His Castle :

For the restoration of the roof restoration of a castle, it is necessary to call on specialized professionals. Indeed, the roofs of the castles are located very high and their Restoration require strong security conditions. A carpenter can first check the condition of the frame. Then, a water proofer, a roofer or a roofer can carry out the work on the roof.

Roof Restoration

It takes between per m2 for the roof restoration of a castle.Aid for the financing of this type of work is available depending on the energy performance gained:

  • Reduced VAT
  • Zero interest loan
  • Grant from ANAH (National Agency for the Improvement of Housing)
  • Tax credit for the Energy Transition
  • Aid from local authorities.

To maintain the roof restoration of your castle over time, do not hesitate to regularly carry out anti-foam treatments and apply water-repellent products.