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Web Design, 5 Methods to Create an impact on Customer

Web design is the most important part. That has a huge impact on the customer experience in the digital age It is also a long-term success that companies have. Pay a lot of attention with a strong focus on marketing organize promotions to attract customers.

But many people still do not know the website also helps to sell products. Which, if it has a good design, it can be used to create a good user experience. So is there any way to be able to design the web? 

To create an impact on Customer Experience, let’s go and see.

Web Design, 5 Methods to Create an impact on Customer - Web Design

1. Appearance

Your web design will influence the appearance of your website. Which plays an important role to make the first impression of your visitors. But no matter what your website looks like The goal of web design is to be modern. With the following trend

  • Responsive design Whether it is a smartphone or a desktop computer. It works the same regardless of the device the user has access to. 
  • Parallax Scroll Parallax The specialty of Parallax is that it will have fun throughout your web design browsing by simply scrolling. Scobar up-down Has an interesting gimmick When someone looks through a web design page, they have a modern visual experience.
  • Large and bold fonts The main idea is to use an easy-to-read sans-serif font on your screen, giving your visitors a soft feel. And help you get the most out of every sentence on the website.
  • Eye-catching pictures It’s a big image with full-width graphics at the top of the article. They’re ideal for generating social media clicks and suggesting ideas to your website.
  • Multimedia such as images, videos, interactions, and other visual elements When adding content, it will make the content easier to read. And also educate visitors It is fun for readers.


Web Design, 5 Methods to Create an impact on Customer - Web Design

When people visit your website You want them to understand that your business is a modern, respectable business. The visibility depends on what your web design is going to be. These website design elements will help achieve a professional look.

  • The Culture page is part of a website that provides information on the daily operations of your company. Make customers see that in addition to working in your company, there are other activities.
  • Employee photos Whether you choose a picture to show off during happy times or work hard is up to you. But no matter what kind Adding employee photos to your website can be a more professional and reliable boost.
  • Customer results of clients If you can provide information on how to visit your website That will show that you have a lot of your customers. It can be considered an essential element that should not be overlooked no matter what type of business you own.

3. Clarity

It means designing a website so that visitors can find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. It has a navigation style that is easy to use and familiar. In which these navigation strategies can work together. It is regarded as the most popular in website design.

  • Breadcrumb, a tool used to guide our website where we are at right now. This will help website visitors better understand the structure of the website. Is very necessary That every website should have
  • A drop-down menu is a menu item that, when pressed, will have a list of items to choose from. When visitors come in, they can click on the web pages they are interested in to get the information they want.

4. Website loading time

Web Design, 5 Methods to Create an impact on Customer - Web Design

Load times are Google’s number one factor and become critical to your online success. As more and more consumers turn to the Internet on mobile phones. Therefore, the web should take a quick load time in the blink of an eye. Most importantly, use the least amount of mobile data like this method.

  • Optimize image size To do so, use a. jpg for your image. This is the best way to display high-resolution images or graphics while reducing the file size.
  • Delete multimedia autoplay Such as video and audio, which means your users will not consume a lot of mobile data when visiting your website on their smartphones. Automatic multimedia playback is also annoying.
  • Use white space Where the white area is the area No text, no images, no video. The white space spreads the text and website elements to make them easier to see, especially by smartphone users.

5. Changes

Web design can affect conversions in thousands of ways, and they’re all important. But these three have the greatest impact.

  • Web design colors mean smart color schemes, use contrast to focus on sales. Therefore, it is best to use a color scheme. By red or yellow for a call to action, This will help convert from visitor to customer.
  • The KISS principle is a simple design. They are organized, easy to use. No flashy backgrounds or graphics are required.
  • This face might sound strange. The idea is that human faces will help them attract more visitors to your website. Which can use stock images But if so, use photos of your employees. Will increase the confidence of customers feel comfortable dealing with your company.

When using 5 web design methods, Create an impact on the Customer Experience that we have brought today to see. It will be able to make your website more efficient. Able to create a customer experience well, badly, it might turn from a visitor to a customer.

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