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wedding wine

Wedding Wine: The best tips to get it right

There are millions of systems for choosing wedding wine, but there is one that never fails: choosing it taking into account your real tastes, as well as your style and personality.

After choosing the wedding menu, it is time to decide the drink that will accompany it, one of the most difficult decisions because it will be scrutinized by some guests who do not want to disappoint. There are millions of ways to choose wedding wine, but there is one that never fails: choosing a wine that has to do with your personalities and that, in addition to combining perfectly with the menu, combines well with you as a couple.

Forget for a minute the classic advice that you will get tired of hearing. You do not have to choose well-known wines that have prestige for diners to see their label, nor should you choose yes or yes a red and a white wine.

The wedding is yours and the best advice is that you let yourself be carried away by your feelings and personalize the most special day of your life to the extreme.

wedding wine

Tips for choosing wedding wine

Wine is one of the things that guests enjoy the most as long as it is chosen well, so you must select it carefully to conquer all palates.

What should be considered when choosing a good wedding wine?

Wedding wine is often offered at various times during the celebration: at the cocktail party, during the meal, at the toast, and even during dessert. There are many fans and connoisseurs of wine, so it is important to offer several types.

One of the most important recommendations to follow to choose your wedding wine correctly is to choose wines that are of good quality, purchased from trusted distributors or wedding catering services. Do not be guided by the price, you do not have to buy the most expensive or well-known ones, but they do have to be good and pair perfectly with the wedding menu.

Choose the wine for the wedding thinking about your personality and trying to define your love story in one sip. Sounds nice, right?

Types of wine for wedding

And for any type of celebration. You may like wine a lot but, before making any decision, it is always better to be advised by the experts. You can speak with the person in charge of the catering or with the coordinator of the wedding or restaurant so that they can give you the guidance you need to choose the wine for the wedding. But if, for whatever reason, it is not possible to have this advice, here we explain the types of wedding wine that you can choose.

Before choosing any table wine, you should be sure of the dishes that will be served during the banquet.

  • White wine: it is softer and lighter. It is recommended to accompany appetizers, fresh cheese, salads, vegetables, rice, fish, seafood, soups and pasta. It will look great at weddings held outdoors or on the beach. White wine should be lively, cheerful and fresh.
  • Red wine: the best option for night weddings. Accompany more robust dishes, red meats such as lamb, veal, some white meats or fish such as tuna, strong cheeses. Our advice is that you opt for a red wine that has gone through wood and has had a period of rest.
  • Rosé wine: it is a good alternative for vegetable, rice or pasta dishes. It also goes very well with seafood and soft cheeses. Rosé wine is very versatile and has a fruitier flavor.
  • Sweet wedding wine: ideal to combine with desserts that have fruit. It is also a good option to accompany spicy dishes, such as Indian or Mexican food.
  • Sparkling wedding wine or champagne: perfect for a toast to its bubbles. It should be served cold and it is a very fresh and sweet drink. It also goes very well with poultry and seafood. It can be cava, champagne or cider.

The topic does not end here. Each wine has a different flavor. Not all reds taste the same, the body and acidity of the wine are determined by the variety of the grapes. The combination of the wedding wine with the plate can be by similarity or by contrast. For example, we can offer a main course accompanied by a full-bodied wine. Or, on the contrary, you can find a balance by pairing the plate with a simpler wedding wine. Everything will depend on the taste of the guests.

To be 100% sure of your choice, it is best to try it yourself. When you do the menu test, try it with different wines, so you can choose the most harmonious combination.

How to calculate the wedding wine?

Nobody wants to see their guests wanting more, draining the last drops of the bottle of wine. There is a very simple rule that almost never fails to calculate wedding wine: 4 people per bottle. Normally three different types of wine are chosen: white, red and sparkling. If there are 100 guests, for example, it will be 25 bottles of each type of wedding wine.

You can always choose more types of wine, but ask yourself these questions: Do all adults drink wine? How many types of wine are we going to offer? Always round up, better than on not missing. You can always keep it at home and open a bottle from time to time.

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