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Pest Inspection

Why Call Pest Inspection?

Before carrying out treatment with any pest it is essential that we are clear about the pest to be treated, for example, if we do not know if we really have a Termite problem it is necessary that we identify it with a professional. At pest inspection offer clients a professional Termite inspection service to assess the damage and spread of the pest.

We recommend that when carrying out any Treatment to Eliminate Termites it be carried out throughout the house, thus avoiding re-infection. However, our professionals will advise you on the best treatment and the best way to do it. Keep in mind that the pest inspection company has long years in the Termite Pest Control sector. Let us help you with your Termite problems.

What do we get with the Pest Inspection?

Why Call Pest Inspection? - Pest Inspection

We must take into account that the nests of Termites or termite mounds can accommodate thousands of Termites, which all feed on wood, making this pest one of the pests that cause more significant damage in the place where they are housed or where they are they feed. 

On the other hand, they are very stealthy and silent insects, so that the termite infestation is often not detected feeding on the property for years causing significant economic damage and on other occasions (not very common) we can find clear evidence of Termites in the property. 

Whatever the case, if we are clear that we have Termites or if we have doubts, it is advisable to carry out a Pest Inspection in order to evaluate the damage that these have or can cause and provide a solution to eliminate or prevent them.

What do we get with the Termite or Pest Inspection?

  • Assess the damage
  • Detect the size of the pest
  • Identify if the pest is in the property
  • Perform the appropriate treatment
  • Prevent the plague
  • Prevent more significant expenses

How to know if I have termites at home, building or business?

Why Call Pest Inspection? - Pest Inspection

Although termites are social insects that nest in dark and humid places normally on the ground, which makes detecting them very difficult. On the other hand, termites follow a pattern that characterizes them as stealthy and silent, acting like Ninjas hiding their presence for years undetected. But despite this, if we have Termites, sooner or later we will find signs of them.

How to know if we have Termites?

  • Termites, when they spend a good time feeding on a certain place, cause internal holes in the wood, making it sound hollow when hitting the wood, therefore if you have hit on wooden beams, doors, and wooden furniture and that hitting the sound it produces is with a hollow effect, it is very likely that you have Termites at Home. (The hollow sound cannot always be captured)
  • Another effect that termites produce in the wood can be in the skirting boards that break easily, the frames of doors and windows when leaning on the sink, fragile layers are created in the wood and there are gaps on the beams, wheel-feet, doors, and windows.
  • When termites look for wood, they create tiny tunnels of mud on walls, normally these tunnels are usually made in walls where there is usually no human movement such as basements, storage rooms, garage, among others. If you detect these tunnels it is an obvious sign that you have termites.
  • And the last sign that will determine if you have termites is to find specimens of Termites, be it Winged Termites, Termite wings in the windows, or some stray termite (not very common).

Whatever the case, if despite carrying out this search for Termites you still have doubts, ask us for a Termite or Pest Inspection without obligation, a technician will visit and advise you, perform the best treatment and above all help you prevent this pest that can cause a lot of damage.

Why call Pest Inspection?

Why Call Pest Inspection? - Pest Inspection

A Timber Pest Inspection is your safeguard against costly damage. They’re experts in the timber pest issues that affect Sydney homes and commercial properties. 

The CSIRO estimates that 20% of Sydney houses have had some degree of termite attack, and borer and wood rot are also
common problems.

They have the professionalism and the best means to solve your Termite problems.

  1. Special prices for new customers
  2. Written guarantee of contracted services
  3. Advanced treatments
  4. Company certified with ISOs and CEPA
  5. 30 years of experience.
  6. Qualified professionals in Termites

Call now and they will solve your Termite problem – 0401 012 074.